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Did you know that 80% of new agents quit within their first year? That's because they don’t know how to market themselves and acquire their own leads to grow their business. They spend thousands of dollars paying zillow, trulia and other big name companies for non exclusive leads that never convert. In addition, as a real estate agent, you are working in a extremely competitive market, where there are literally 100’s of agents that looks like you, and sell the same services that you sell. So how are you supposed to stand out from the competition if you look and act like the competition?  With all those concerns at hand and more, no wonder many new agents quit within their first year.

Think about the reasons you decided to become a Realtor. Was it to get more financial freedom, or make a good living? Or was it to have more time to spend with your family? Whatever your reason may be, you deserve to have the life you set out to get by becoming a agent. You just need that secret sauce. 

My Name Is

Anderson Tchatchoua

Let me introduce myself. I have worked as a digital marketer, a website designer and I am the founder of Graphic Minded Solutions. I have worked with many different people from many different industries when I first began. I've helped many businesses with branding, and marketing providing them results to grow their business. But then I realize something. I realized that working with different niches makes me Jack of all trades master of none. So instead of focusing on many industries, I decided to emerge myself in helping just one, Real Estate Agents.

 But in order to stand out from other “marketers” I decided to take a different approach. I needed to know a day in a life as a Real Estate Agent. Thus, I interviewed several dozens of realtors finding out their pain points, their frustrations, their struggles even before working with them. As a result, I created a solution that targets those specific pain points, and provides results. 

What To Expect

From Working With Us

A custom solution will be provided that is tailored to your business that will help you grow.

We will show you the way to  stand out from the competition and grow your business. 

A system will be given that helps provide leads on a weekly basis. And a reminder sequence will be set up to help you follow up and close those leads.

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Analyze your business.


Create a branding solution to help brand yourself and stand out from the competition.


Begin setting up your Facebook business page and ad account. Create a targeted ad in your area to begin collecting leads.


Connect your ads to an automated follow up system that allows you to receive the leads straight on your phone, and be reminded to call them.

Fact: 80% of new agents quit or fail within

their first year



  • You're tired of relying on referrals -  Trust me when we say this, they are tired of you asking.
  • You're tired of buying non exclusive lead from Big name companies -Stop spending your hard earned money on non exclusive leads that are shared with other agents. 
  • You're looking to grow your business-We totally understand, everyone wants to grow their business, but most of us don't know how to. If you want that SECRET SAUCE, that will add 1-3 new closed leads a month, schedule your call today.



Betty L

I am a busy real estate agent. Anderson pretty much took charge and gave me a very professional articulate web page. He respected my time and always responded and delivered when he said. I am very pleased with the standard of quality in his work.

Ryan B

Perfect from start to finish. Timely, responsive and most importantly everything came out perfect.

Ahmed Y

Great company to work with, they were thorough, responsive and went over and beyond to prefect our project, and a great value, the team was very professional, I am very happy with my website, I highly recommend them.

Jason L

Anderson has been very helpful through out the whole process of building my company's website. He's very proactive on the updates and he's always there to help if I had any questions or concerns. All and all, I'm very happy with his work. Not to mention the leads that we received within the first two weeks.

David K

Awesome overall experience! I had only been an agent for a few months and I had a limited budget which hindered my business growth, until Anderson came along. Anderson took the time to listen to what I was looking to achieve and my available budget, then devised a plan and executed as promised. Without going over my budget he was able to exceed my expectations. Our entire time working together he explained different options as to how we can grow in the future as well.

Ahmed Y

Excellent experience working with Anderson from Agent pro solutions. He helped me with a few things on my business like branding and marketing. He was able to help me generate several home buyer leads which I closed one of them today. Will continue to work with them in the future.

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